2 West Point Cadets Named Rhodes Scholars

Rhodes Scholarship Recipients Fahad Abdulrazzaq and Isabella Sulliva, USMA PAO, Taken by Michelle Kalish, Nov. 12

Two cadets from the United States Military Academy were among the 32 Rhodes Scholars recognized in the United States on Sunday, Nov. 12. Fahad Abdulrazzaq and Isabella Sullivan of the Class of 2024 will attend the University of Oxford in the fall of 2024.

“Congratulations to Fahad and Isabella on becoming Rhodes Scholars. I am inspired by their success at the academy, supported by a strong team of mentors,” said Dean of the Academic Board, Brig. Gen. Shane Reeves. “I look forward to seeing the impact studying as a Rhodes Scholar will have on realizing their vision for the future in the Army and beyond.”

Cadet Fahad Abdulrazzaq is an American immigrant who was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, during the early 2000s war. Abdulrazzaq is an International Affairs major with a focus on Middle Eastern conflicts, inspired by his childhood experiences. He is a Stamps scholar, a Yale/USMA Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative Fellow, and a Pentagon intern in the Joint Chiefs of Staff office, where he wrote notes for the Chairman.

Abdulrazzaq commanded the Summer Garrison Regiment over the summer, managing the responsibility and safety of all USMA cadets as well as the protection of all West Point grounds. He is currently a Regimental Commander, in charge of a 30-person staff and 1,100 additional cadets. Through collaborative initiatives, he hopes to establish a leadership development atmosphere.

Abdulrazzaq is a squad commander and a talented boxer for West Point’s national championship boxing team.Abdulrazzaq will use his intellectual curiosity, leadership qualities, and fighting spirit as a Rhodes Scholar to further his study in International Policy. Throughout his military career, Fahad hopes to become a Military Intelligence officer and work in special operations.

CadetIsabella Sullivan is a double captain of the Army Women’s Volleyball Team and a major in international history. Sullivan got the opportunity to teach in her high school’s adjacent preschool, where she assisted with youth development and cultural and character education.

This incident aroused her interest in the impact that leaders have on their communities. She pursued her enthusiasm for character-focused education at West Point, where she created the Cultural Competency Thread as a freshman. This thread is an interdisciplinary academic curriculum designed to help cadets understand how cultures affect organizations and how cultural competency is a valuable asset for leaders. Her history department study also looks on how leaders influence cultural divisions within their communities.

Sullivan has also played key roles in the Corps of Cadets. She was the Regimental Commander for Cadet Basic Training throughout the summer, managing the program that transformed 1,258 incoming students into West Point Cadets. She is currently the Deputy Brigade Commander, the Corps’ second-highest-ranked cadet. She is in charge of a 12-person staff and is responsible for the intellectual, physical, military, and character development of 4,400 Cadets.

She aspires to be a Medical Service Officer, where she will continue to lead soldiers while also advancing her broader organization as the primary medical administrator for 500+ workers. Sullivan will study public policy and education as a Rhodes Scholar to better understand how and where leaders may inject character and leadership development to bridge cultural barriers within communities around the world.

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