3 Great Universities for Tech Jobs

One of the most well-liked job options for business graduates is the technology sector, which is indicated by more than one-third of prospective students. However, due to the great degree of interest, the job market is crowded and competitive. So where should you go to school nowadays if you want to work in technology?

All around Europe, both in well-established metropolitan cities and swiftly expanding startup cities, are innovative tech hubs. If you want to get a tech job, the best way to ensure success is to study in one of these locations.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the universities you might want to think about applying to if you want to take advantage of that vibrant job market.

IE University

IE University is located in Madrid, one of Spain’s IT centres along with Barcelona. Because of this, the school gives innovation and technology a high emphasis and grants degrees like the Master of Digital Business and Innovation and the MBA with a strong technology focus. In reality, 28% of IE graduates find work in the IT sector.


IU International University of Applied Sciences

The IU International University of Applied Sciences has two campuses in Germany, one in Bad-Honnef near Cologne and the other in the heart of Berlin. Here, you have direct access to every job opening in one of Europe’s largest innovation hubs. Several IU programs, notably the Master in Information Technology Management, place a strong emphasis on innovation. Even better, you have a variety of scholarship options to further lower the cost of your education, and IU’s programs are relatively reasonable.


EU Business School

Munich, Barcelona, and Geneva are the three locations where EU Business School is physically located. All of these places have strong connections to the tech industry, but Munich and Barcelona stand out as two of Europe’s top tech centres. Programs like the Bachelor of Business Management (Business Technology) give students a firm grounding in the principles of business as well as advanced grasp of business analytics.


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