3 Things You Should Know Before Going To Business School



Enrolling in a business master’s program might help you advance your career, but studying for a master’s degree can be difficult. This post will provide you with tips and ideas from current students to assist you overcome the numerous problems you’ll face during your master’s program.

Here are three things you should know.

1. Speak with alumni to choose your best fit program 

A business master’s degree can help you realize your full career potential, but it’s critical to select the correct degree.

Consider your alternatives and investigate your preferred colleges and programs.

“It’s critical to find the program that’s right for you,” says Julia Thin, a Master of Management student at the National University of Singapore Business School.

“Go on LinkedIn and search for people who were on the program, or especially those who are currently on the program,” Julia suggests. “That’s the best way to get answers.”

2. Apply for a scholarship to help fund your degree

Scholarships are an excellent method to make your business school ambitions a reality and help support your education. That was the situation with Pamela Mendoza, a Peruvian international student at emlyon management school MiM.

emlyon management school provided Pamela with a scholarship, making the program affordable, when other top-ranked French schools were too expensive.

However, after discovering that her scholarship would only pay half of her two-year degree, Pamela advises that you should make sure that the scholarship gives adequate financial help to fund your whole program.

“They told me I could get a scholarship for the second year but I didn’t really investigate further. In the end it wasn’t that easy,” she says.

3. Practice time management to make the most of your opportunities

It’s not easy to seize all of the opportunities available at business school—that’s why time management is vital.

“You’re always on the move, always trying to keep up with your assignments,” explains Caitlin Harshberger, MS Information Systems student at Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

During her master’s degree, Caitlin devised a time management system that included a reminders app on her phone and a shared calendar. She also put her plans in a weekly planner, keeping them flexible to reduce stress.

“I had to learn [time management] really fast because otherwise little things you forget to do turn into big things,” Caitlin explains.


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