5 Best European Cities to Study to Get a Job in Tech

One of the most well-liked job options for business graduates is the technology sector, which is indicated by more than one-third of prospective students. However, due to the great degree of interest, the job market is crowded and competitive. So where should you go to school nowadays if you want to work in technology?

All around Europe, both in well-established metropolitan cities and swiftly expanding startup cities, are innovative tech hubs. If you want to get a tech job, the best way to ensure success is to study in one of these locations.

We’ll look at some of the best locations for IT jobs in this post, along with some universities you might want to consider applying to if you want to take advantage of that thriving job market.

1. London

London is still one of the best cities to find an IT profession, even though other cities on our list are quickly ousting it as one of Europe’s top IT hubs. London has 38 startup accelerators, more than any other European city, and the city’s startups earned €388 million in late-stage capital in 2015.

The UK capital has received the largest venture capital investment in Europe, nearly double Berlin’s investment. AI, robots, and healthcare are a few additional well-funded tech industries in the area. It also has a strong finance industry with a 10% market share worldwide.

2. Berlin

Berlin is the “fastest growing tech hub in Europe.” With 14 startup accelerators and €436 million in early-stage investments, Germany’s capital has become well-known. The fact that employment in the technology sector expanded by 53% between 2008 and 2018 is evidence of the abundance of options accessible.

Some of Europe’s biggest software companies are now based in Berlin, including the banking firm N26 and the SaaS startup Contentful. The tech ecosystem has also not been impacted by large-scale events like Covid-19; 680 tech startups were registered in the city in 2020.

3. Stockholm

Stockholm has long been acknowledged as the leading IT hub in Scandinavia, but it has only recently attracted attention on a global scale. With 19 unicorns per million persons in 2021, Stockholm has the greatest unicorn population density in the continent.

Stockholm is developing into a hub for game development, but investors are also making significant investments in green technologies. Government support ensures that there will be plenty of future opportunities for IT employment in the area given Stockholm’s ambition to become the most innovative and tech-driven region in the world by 2025.

4. Amsterdam

The Dutch city is better known for its nightlife than for its technology, but it is swiftly rising to prominence as one of Western Europe’s most significant startup centres. Amsterdam is home to Adyen, one of the biggest and most prosperous companies in Europe. The city also has a thriving financial industry and places a lot of attention on sustainable and agri-tech firms.

Overall, Amsterdam is rated as the “best city in Europe to work in tech,” in part because to its attractive compensation. At €4,036 on average per month, Amsterdam pays computer workers more than London, Paris, or Berlin.

5. Barcelona

You wish to relocate and work in technology in a warm climate. The location is Barcelona, then. Due to its sizable international population (1 in 5 of its people are from outside of Spain) and expanding VC funding, Barcelona is a magnet for emerging businesses.

Future plans call for Barcelona to become a centre for greentech businesses, and major corporations like Dexma are already seeing significant investment. The city comes in fourth in Europe for overall VC funding, ahead of Munich and Amsterdam.

Madrid is being known as a prominent European startup destination, along with Barcelona. In order to be regarded as the sixth best IT city in 2020, it outranked Barcelona, which obtained the tenth spot. Spain is an excellent alternative for IT startups or job seekers because both of these locations have a thriving IT sector.


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