5 Essential Skills Needed For a Tech Career

Far from the nerdy high school caricature of the 1990s, the computer industry now boasts some of the most successful young people on the block. With trillion-dollar tech corporations like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon at the forefront of global innovation, there appear to be unlimited opportunities to work in fields ranging from AI to video game design.

It’s no surprise that technology is one of the most popular industries among business school graduates. A 2023 GMAC study found that 44% of male and 34% of female prospective MBA candidates want to work in the industry, second only to consulting.

However, given the ever-changing nature of the technology industry, it might be difficult to determine which IT skills to highlight on your CV. Every day, it appears that fresh advances are made in fields such as coding and machine learning, while even experts disagree on what the most useful tech skills will be in the next ten years.

So, what are the necessary technical skills for resume success?

1. Creativity

Creativity is the driving force behind every invention; it is the spark that fuses reality and fantasy. The capacity to produce fascinating new ideas is more valuable than anything else in the sector that gave us smartphones, talking watches, and AI beer brewers.

You also don’t have to experience ‘eureka’ moments in the bathtub all the time. While frequently regarded as an elusive concept, the ability to think creatively is a skill that can be learned. That is why it is a major topic in many business degree programs.

Business schools frequently include core and elective modules on creative problem solving and creative thinking, encouraging students to use their natural aptitude to think beyond the box.

Highlighting these modules and demonstrating your creativity on your resume will show employers that you understand how to discover diverse solutions to challenges.


2. Innovation

So you’ve got the ideas, but what are you going to do with them? Demonstrating your ability to innovate is crucial in the technology industry, as it is the driving force behind its success.

Hiring managers aren’t expecting you to have invented teleportation or hover cars in your previous job (though if you have, you should definitely mention it), but it’s still important to write about unique ideas you’ve implemented in the past that can show employers why you’d be a good fit for a field that relies on creativity.


3. Technical skills

The specific technical abilities that an employer is seeking will vary depending on the role, but there are a few key tech talents for resume writing that are widely in demand across the technology sector.

A recent GMAC poll indicated that business employers prioritize Web3, blockchain, VR, AI, cloud-based technology, data visualization, and programming skills in resumes in 2023. These skills are commonly taught in b-school programs.

“I do a lot of coding and data visualization. “We had a really good data visualization course at EDHEC, and I use it every day,” says Edwin Nguyen, an Amazon business intelligence engineer and EDHEC Business School graduate.


4. Agility

With constant innovation, the tech industry seems like it is on the verge of uncharted territory. The opportunities appear limitless, but so do the risks. That is why, in order to succeed in this dynamic industry, you must be able to think quickly on your feet.

As of 2023, 55% of technology employers regard business school graduates as having the ability to navigate technological upheaval.

Consider enrolling in a business school program to help you gain industry adaptability. Not only will you acquire essential contacts, but you will also gain key skills like resilience and critical thinking, allowing you to overcome any challenges that may arise.


5. Teamwork

While Hollywood films like The Social Network popularized the impression that computer industry leaders are social geniuses, the truth is that understanding how to collaborate with others is an important aspect of the job.

Not only will others be working on the same projects as you, but many technical positions demand that you communicate and collaborate with clients. As a result, pursuing a graduate business degree that focuses on people skills, such as an MBA, can be extremely beneficial in advancing your tech career.

“We try to build psychological safety, we try to be very humble and down to earth, and we really help each other,” says Vishesh Goyal, an EMBA student at the Lisbon MBA program at Nova SBE and Catolica-Lisbon.

He emphasizes the importance of excellent social skills in his job as a principal analytical consultant and digital maturity lead at Google.

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