5 Reasons to Consider Studying Abroad in South Africa for Your MBA

South Africa is rich in cultural diversity, wildlife, and natural beauty, but have you ever considered studying there? See why you should consider studying for your MBA in South Africa.

While South Africa is well-known for its tourist attractions, it also has top-ranked business schools, including Africa’s number one program, according to the Corporate Knights 2021 Better World MBA ranking, at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Management.

The 11-month full-time MBA program at UCT GSB offers a worldwide perspective on business with an added African perspective, assisting students in launching international careers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Here are five reasons to consider studying abroad in South Africa for your MBA:

1. Affordable tuition fees

The cost of pursuing an MBA is substantial. In the United States, the average cost of an MBA program is roughly $226,000. Students must also factor in increased living expenses, extracurricular activities, and healthcare.

As comparison to the UK or the US, studying for an MBA in South Africa is more economical. For African residents, the full-time MBA program at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Management costs roughly $16,000 (R 285 450).

Tuition for international students is still $31,000, which is competitive with schools throughout Europe. Yet, the additional costs of living in South Africa are far cheaper than in Europe or the United States, allowing students to enjoy student life while receiving a great Return from their MBA.


2. World-class universities 

South Africa has more than a dozen business institutions spread around the country, thus MBA programs are plentiful. The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Management is the top-ranked and most popular business school in the country and continent, with over 138 nationalities represented and a network of 23k alumni from 68 countries.

When researching world-class universities for application, it’s critical to double-check which institutions and foundations a school is affiliated with—the European Foundation for Management Development, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and the Association of MBAs are just a few.


3. Innovative and expansive curriculum

Courses in South Africa, like most MBA programs, teach the fundamentals of management, business, and leadership.

Nevertheless, what distinguishes this location is the additional learning opportunities for students to build a thorough understanding of the most challenging issues confronting business executives today, according to Caitlin Ferreira, UCT GSB MBA program director.

Diversity and inclusion, value-based leadership, the interaction between business, government, and society, macroeconomic volatility, and climate change and sustainability are among them.

According to the Corporate Knights 2021 Better World MBA ranking, the full-time MBA at UCT GSB is the finest in Africa and the 22nd best in the world, owing to the school’s emphasis on impact and sustainability.

4. It offers a global perspective for an international career

MBA graduates studying in South Africa are well prepared to launch their worldwide business careers, thanks to an innovative and expansive curriculum. Cape Town, being an international commercial centre, provides business students with a distinct EMEA perspective.

“MBA students studying in South Africa receive unique perspectives on opportunities and threats that they would not perceive in richer economies,” Caitlin explains.

Because South Africa is a popular location for international MBA students, these programs are quite diversified. You can learn about the cultural variations in global business and build your skills for a global career.

Caitlin adds: “Students in our full-time and modular programmes have ample and intentional opportunities to network with one another, while the school receives exchange students from around the world who provide additional international perspectives and networks for UCT MBAs.”


5. South Africa offers a unique cultural experience for MBA students

Its stunning scenery and unparalleled natural reserves and wildlife may entice anyone to study in South Africa.

Salma, who is originally from Tanzania, has spent many years in Cape Town, enjoying the wonderful beauty that the city and its surroundings have to offer while studying at the UCT Graduate School of Commerce.

“Going on long drives and absorbing the scenery around me calms me and helps me deal with stress a lot,” explains Salma.

If you’re an outdoors-y person, the country you offers plenty of hiking destinations including Table Mountain and Lion’s Head.

“One of the world’s most beautiful cities—with mild weather, tremendous sporting opportunities, some of the world’s best restaurants, bars and wineries, short flights to fascinating ecological area, rapidly-growing cities and a very affordable quality of life,” says Caitlin.


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