A Complete Guide for Canada’s Study Direct Stream Visa

The recently developed Study Direct Stream (SDS) has made it simpler to study in Canada. The SDS visa, which was introduced in June 2018, was created to enable speedier processing times for applications for eligible study permits. Let’s go over the Study Direct Stream in greater detail for all students hoping to pursue higher education in Canada.

What is Study Direct Stream Program of Canada?

Students who wish to pursue a full-time degree at Canadian colleges and universities can expedite the visa application process with the help of the Study Direct Stream program, also known as the SDS program. There are plans to expand the program to include students from Kenya and Senegal in addition to the current target countries of students from India, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines. Students with proficiency in either English or French are eligible for this program.

Why Should You Apply for the SDS Visa?

Some of the benefits of applying for the SDS Visa are as follows:

  • The time taken to process the visa is considerably lesser.
  • The process of the SDS visa is streamlined and uniform for all participating institutes.
  • The number of financial documents required for this visa is less.
  • Students have a wider choice of Canadian universities and Institutions under the SDS visa program as all the major colleges/institutes are under the SDS visa Category.

What are the requirements for the SDS Visa for Canada?

  • Only students who are legal residents of the above countries can apply for this study visa for Canada. Students of these countries, who live abroad, are not eligible for this visa and can apply through the normal study permit program.
  • A letter of acceptance from a designated Canadian college or University
  • A score of at least 6 in IELTS for English or Niveaux de compétence Linguistique canadiens score of 7 for French (TEF)
  • Students applying for the SDS visa need to show proof that they have paid the tuition fees – to the college or university they have been accepted to – for the first academic year. Our education loans can help with that.
  • Before applying for the SDS visa, students also have to purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $10,000. Students can purchase these from Scotiabank, SBI Canada Bank, and ICICI Bank Canada. Our education loans can help with this too.
  • They also have to complete an upfront medical examination.
  • Submit other necessary forms and documents. The documents vary from country to country and depend on the country of residence.
  • According to the SDS rule, students who have scored more than 65% marks in 12th can apply for a student visa in Canada.

What are the documents required for the Canada SDS Visa?

  • Copy of your acceptance letter from a college/institute/university
  • Copy of your upfront medical exam confirmation document
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000
  • Proof of the tuition fees paid for the first year of study
  • Proof of a score of the score of at least 6.0 in IELTS

How to apply for a Canadian Student Visa through the Student Direct Stream?

For the Canada Student Direct Stream (SDS), paper applications are not permitted. As a result, you must submit your application online for quicker visa processing. Include the necessary supporting documentation with your submission as well.

Checklist Before Applying – 

  • Follow the visa officer instructions very carefully.
  • Have all the supporting documents with you.
  • You must be meeting the eligibility criteria before applying for the visa

Global Talent Stream

The Canadian government launched a GTS (Global Talent Stream) route in June 2017 to give the expedited entrance program more substance. This program is intended to give employment applicants who are applying for permanent residency through the Express Entry Route—a points-based system for Canadian immigration—a competitive advantage. It will also help Indians living in the US who have STEM backgrounds find employment. Due to labor force requirements and requests from the nation’s expanding tech sector, the Canadian government now aims to make the two-year initiative (GTS) a permanent program. GTS wants to expedite the application procedure and complete it in under two weeks.

According to sources, the program seeks to generate 40.000 additional work possibilities for Canadians and Permanent Residents. Companies’ efforts to create diverse and creative teams can be divided into two groups.

  • Category A indicates that a regional development agency should authenticate the sponsoring agency and must be looking to hire ‘unique and specialized talent.’
  • Category B requires the sponsoring agencies to illustrate their alacrity to fill the positions provided on the ‘Global Talent Occupation List’ and should hire highly-skilled international workers along with the specified wage requirements in both cases.

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