All You Need to Know About SAT Exam

The College Board administers the SAT, a standardized undergraduate university entrance exam. The SAT test is used to assess university readiness and predict future academic success for students seeking admission to undergraduate programs at various educational institutions across the world.

Reason for sat exam

Students who want to enroll in undergraduate programs in the United States or any other country take SAT exams. For entrance to undergraduate courses, most universities require a SAT score. Furthermore, several colleges provide SAT scholarship money to candidates based on their SAT score results.

Skills tested from SAT Exam 

The SAT exam assesses students’ Mathematical, Writing, and Critical Reading abilities. According to the College Board, they evaluate which candidates’ talents learned in school. They assess the skill required for students’ academic performance in higher education.

SAT Exam Eligibility

The College Board has not established any exact SAT eligibility criteria. Candidates aged 17-18 years typically take the SAT exam to get admission into colleges for undergraduate education.

SAT Syllabus

The SAT syllabus includes the courses that students have already completed in school. So, if you are good in school, you will have fewer difficulties preparing for the SAT Syllabus. The SAT exam syllabus contains the following topics:

  • Reading section
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Essay is optional


SAT Exam Pattern

Sat exam pattern includes the following section :

Reading = 52 multiple choice questions in 5 passages to be attempted in 65 minutes

Writing = 44 multiple choice questions in 4 passages, which should  be attempted within 35 minutes

Mathematics = 58 questions to be attempted in 80 minutes.

SAT Preparation

You have two alternatives for SAT preparation. One option is an intensive study schedule that requires 10 hours per week for two months, and the other is a gradual study schedule that requires a few hours per week for at least six months. Both strategies are equally effective and will result in significant differences in scores.

SAT Exam Dates

Every year, the College Board determines the International SAT dates and deadlines. The organization publishes an official calendar that includes information regarding SAT exam dates and deadlines. Saturdays are often reserved for the SAT exam. Every year, the SAT exam is given across the country in the months of August, October, November, December, March, May, and June.

SAT Registration

SAT registration online consists of four steps: creating a student profile, filling out the application form, scheduling the test date and location, and paying the required cost. Check that the name and other data match those on your photo identification. Try to sign up for the test as soon as you know you want to take it.

SAT Score

SAT scores are normally available online 13 days following your test date, with an additional 15-day wait if you attempted an essay. It is critical to remember that the summer exam date in June lasts around five weeks. The validity duration of the SAT Score result is 5 years.

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What You Need to Know About SAT Syllabus