Applications Open for Hamilton Community Foundation Student Scholarship

Credit: Nick Graham

The deadline for applying for a student scholarship from the Hamilton Community Foundation is in just one week after the FASFA application opens.

The Hamilton Community Foundation’s Scholarship Program manager, Kasey Rouse, said that although the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) data is required for foundation scholarship applications, it can always be updated later. However, that FASFA data must be provided by January 26.

The application deadline for the Hamilton Community Foundation student award is January 7 at midnight.

Although the foundation’s universal scholarship application procedure began earlier than in previous years, it was anticipated that it would coincide with the FASFA application deadline. The FASFA application used to open on December 1st, but program modifications have resulted in it now opening at the end of the year.

However, the news of the revised FASFA deadline wasn’t released until the end of November.

“If they get the scholarship application in, then with the FASFA documents, I can get in and upload later as it’s a document we have to have because some of our scholarships are need-based,” Rouse said.

However, Rouse said, FASFA information can be updated in the weeks following the deadline, so it’s all good.

The application procedure can take up to three days to process, but parents and students can speed it up by creating their FSA IDs immediately.

Approximately $1 million in scholarships are awarded annually by the Hamilton Community Foundation and its sister foundations in Fairfield and Ross Township. One application is required for all scholarship options under the universal application.

Through the scholarship program, the foundation has helped over 7,000 students to date. Although they oversee over 260 separate scholarship programs, not all of them are awarded each year, according to Rouse. Depending on the resources and requirements of each scholarship fund, they may offer roughly 100 scholarships in some years or more than 230 in others.

Students from across Butler County can apply.

Important links

Create FSA ID for FAFSA: This can be started now and can take up to three days to process. Students and parents or guardians will both need to create FSA IDs to complete the FAFSA. Get started:

Complete the universal scholarship application: Applications close at midnight on Jan. 7, 2024, and scholarships can be for graduating seniors and students in college. Learn more:

Complete the FAFSA: FAFSA applications open on Dec. 31, and though the Hamilton Community Foundation scholarship application can be completed without the information, the information is needed by Jan. 26. Get started here:

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