Apply for Scholarships from Student Affairs at University of Arizona

The Division of Student Affairs offers scholarships for U of A students, which are now open for applications.

Every year, Student Affairs provides dozens of scholarships to students for a variety of reasons. While these scholarships require high academic standing, many also acknowledge leadership, student activity, and community service activities at the University of Arizona. A high GPA is not required to apply for or obtain the majority of these rewards.

“All students should check out the scholarship options from the Division of Student Affairs because we have a lot to offer,” said Jeremy Battjes, vice chancellor for Student Affairs.

The division uses the same scholarship platform as the rest of campus – Academic Works. To apply for scholarships on Academic Works, students should first visit the Student Affairs scholarship website. This page provides information on the various scholarships available and how to apply for them.

During the 2022-2023 school year, the Division of Student Affairs awarded 199 scholarships totaling $207,900. The amount and number of beneficiaries picked for each scholarship are determined by the applicant pool each year, among other variables.

“I encourage students to apply for our scholarships now, and if you’re a friend of the university, I encourage you to support these students through a donation to one of our many scholarships,” said Ben Carter, senior director of development for Student Affairs.

The majority of current scholarship applications close on February 15.Students who apply now for a Student Affairs scholarship will get notification of their award status at the end of the spring semester. All current scholarships will be awarded in the fall of 2024, with a few exclusions as mentioned on the scholarship applications.

Find out more information on the Student Affairs scholarship site.

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