Apply Now for the Catholic College $5000 Scholarship Contest!

The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) is pleased to announce the announcement of its eighth annual Essay Scholarship Contest. The winning essayist will receive $5,000 to help defray the costs of attending a devout Catholic college listed in The Newman Guide in the fall of 2024.

Furthermore, other Newman Guide universities have agreed to boost CNS’s scholarship with extra $5,000 payments to the winner over three additional years, subject to each college’s standards.

All of the details about the Contest can be found at this link:

The CNS scholarship is made possible thanks to the generosity of Joe and Ann Guiffre, strong advocates of faithful Catholic education.

The contest is open to high school seniors in the United States who sign up for The Cardinal Newman Society’s Recruit Me program and check out the recognized colleges in The Newman Guide during their college search.

The topic for this year’s contest is to reflect, in 400-600 words, on the following:

This year, The Cardinal Newman Society expanded The Newman Guide to recommend faithful Catholic K-12 schools and graduate programs, as well as colleges. Explain the importance of attending a Newman Guide college as the capstone to a lifelong Catholic formation. How does it build upon a student’s prior years, and what comes next?

Essays will be evaluated based on how well they express appreciation for true Catholic education and the quality of the writing. The Cardinal Newman Society will select one winner and recognize several other outstanding writings.

Last year, Jacob Kristine, a homeschooled student from Pennsylvania, was named the winner of the Society’s sixth annual Essay Scholarship Contest. He won a $5,000 scholarship to attend Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia. Christendom College may also be able to provide him with extra $5,000 grants.

While many students leave for college and lose their faith and joy, Kristine emphasized in his winning essay how attending a committed Catholic institution boosted his elder siblings’ faith and enriched their lives.

“My siblings have bestowed upon me the great riches of understanding what gifts a truly Catholic college can impart to a young person. I have seen firsthand how this pursuit of Truth leads to a life that is Good and wholesome and sincerely promotes seeking the Creator of Beauty,” he explained.

“The friendships my siblings forged throughout their four years among like-minded followers of Christ have challenged them to grow in wisdom, remain faithful to God through worship and devotional practices, and encouraged virtuous living without sacrificing fun, laughter, and an abundantly joy-filled life—then and now,” Kristine continued.

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