How to Apply for 2024 United Nations University (UNU) International Scholarships in Geography, Germany

United Nations University (UNU) Scholarships, Joint Master’s Programme is one of a limited set of international postgraduate programs that benefit from the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) EPOS financing system.

The dual M.Sc. program provides postgraduate students with extensive knowledge, critical understanding, methods, and the instruments needed to handle environmental threats and human security in an interdisciplinary manner.

It is the third study program in Bonn to be admitted to the DAAD funding system, following the ZEF Doctoral Studies program and the ARTS study program offered by the University of Bonn’s Faculty of Agriculture.

Type: Masters

Application Deadline: December 15, 2023

Value & Duration of Award: Successful applicants will be funded to cover all expenses directly related to the study programme as well as their cost of living in Bonn.

Eligible Field of Study: Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security

Eligible Countries: International Students

Eligibility: Eligible candidates should fulfill the following requirements in addition to the general eligibility criteria for the Master’s programme:

  • Being a candidate from a “Developing Country” (according to the classification of the DAAD)
  • Having at least two years of practical work experience (e.g. with an NGO, GO, or the private sector) in a field related to the study programme
  • Having graduated with the Bachelor no longer than five years ago
  • Having completed no other Master in a similar field of studies
  • Aiming at a career as a practitioner in a field related to the programme of study

How To Apply: To apply, please

  1. read the information below as well as the FAQs thoroughly,
  2. submit the online application form,
  3. gather the required documents (including the academic writing sample) precisely as explained below,
  4. rename the merged application documents’ file as [your last name.your first name].pdf,
  5. and send your application documents via e-mail to

The following documents need to be submitted via email as one PDF package, not exceeding 8MB in size, and in this exact order. The sample of your academic work must be attached as a separate file, if necessary in a separate email. Incomplete documents, late, as well as paper applications sent via post will not be considered.

For additional questions not covered below or in the FAQs, please contact:

Note: All documents need to be submitted as scans in PDF format. Smartphone pictures in PDF format will not be accepted. To combine, arrange and compress your PDF application package, kindly use freely available software.

Required Documents:

Required Documents
Must be submitted in this exact order:
Formal Requirements
All documents must be submitted in English unless indicated otherwise.
1) Online Application– Confirmation will be sent via email after completing the online application
– sign and date as explained, attach to application as scan
2) Motivation Letter– see the additional information below
– min. 1 – max. 2 pages, must be dated
– for EPOS applicants: must explain preferences if applying for more than one EPOS-funded programme
3) Recent CV in EUROPASS format– in reverse chronological order, dates must correspond to attached references precisely
– max. 3 pages, must be dated
4a) Academic Degree Certificate(s)*
[Bachelor’s or equivalent & Master’s if available]
– in German or English, otherwise add certified translation
– for EPOS applicants: must be stamped and/or signed by the issuing university on original document.
4b) Transcript(s) of Records*
[Bachelor’s or equivalent & Master’s if available]
* if not graduated yet, please see the FAQs
– in German or English, otherwise add certified translation
– must include a current, identifiable total average grade
– must include an overview of the applicable grading system (except for applicants from the German education system)
– include other academic credit such as exchange semesters, summer schools, etc.
 for EPOS applicants: must be stamped by the issuing university on original document or sent directly from Registrar’s Office to
5) English Language Proficiency– see additional information below
6) Academic Reference(s)
– Optional: at maximum two references by former university lecturers
– in German or English, otherwise add certified translation
– recent, dated, stamped, signed & must contain a letterhead
7) Copy of Passport– page displaying your name and personal information
8) Other Relevant References
– e.g. internships, previous employments, trainings, volunteering; at maximum three references (for EPOS applicants, see below)
– as stated in online application, do not include school certificates
9) Only for applicants from China, India or Viet Nam– scan of your APS Certificate (more information here: APS China | APS India | APS Ha Noi)
Additionally, if applying for a DAAD EPOS scholarship:
Important: Read all information provided by the DAAD here thoroughly.
10) DAAD EPOS Checklist– must be signed and dated on page 2 as indicated: location & date of signature, name, signature.
Signatures must be made by hand; digitally inserted signatures cannot be accepted by the DAAD.
11) DAAD Application Form– must state all EPOS programmes applied for (page 2)
– must be filled in typed, not by hand, must be dated
12) Scholarship Motivation Letter– min. 1 – max. 2 pages, must be dated
– may build on the above 2) Motivation Letter, however
– must additionally include all aspects indicated in the additional information below.
13) Professional Reference from Current Employer– recent, dated, stamped, signed & must contain a letterhead
– issued by employer / supervisor / HR department
– in German or English, otherwise add certified translation
– may substitute work certificate if fulfilling criteria (see below)
14) Work Certificate(s)– only relevant, postgraduate work experience accepted
– must state duration to the day, i.e.
– must be issued by a person authorized to do so
– must in total amount to at least two years of documented experience by time of application. Work experience gathered after the application deadline cannot be counted.
– also: dated, stamped, signed & must contain a letterhead
Additionally, to be submitted as a separate PDF:
+ Sample of Academic Work– in English, see the additional information below
– must include a declaration of authenticity


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