How to Study Abroad without Bank Statement

Having money in your personal bank account makes it seem difficult to study abroad, in my personal experience. However, if you’ll excuse me, there are some specific methods you can use to apply for a student visa without one. First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand why each embassy requests a bank statement with a specific balance. The solution is quite easy.

When applying for a visa to a country you’ve chosen to study in abroad, you must demonstrate to the embassy that you can support yourself during your studies on your own. You will be able to pay for things like housing, personal expenses like food and clothing, travel, study materials, etc. This is merely the cost of living. Embassy requires a guarantee from you in the form of a personal or parent’s bank account with sufficient funds for all such expenses in order to be satisfied.

The only method for a student without a bank statement to apply is to demonstrate alternate sources of funding. Simply said, this refers to a scholarship that is totally supported by a university or other institution. Once you receive a scholarship from one of these organizations, you won’t need to provide additional documentation of your qualifications because these organizations will have already provided you with written confirmation of your financial support for living expenses, tuition, and other expenses, which you can submit in place of a bank statement when applying for a visa.

Following are the main types of scholarships:

Merit Based: These type of scholarship programs are awarded to students who have really good academic or professional record. In this category, applicant’s academic records and professional achievements are considered.

Student Specific: These scholarships are for students who qualify for certain scholarship programs based on race, region, or a community. However academic records and professional achievements are also taken into account before awarding scholarship.

Career Specific: These awards are mainly for a certain career based options.

College Based: These type of scholarship awards are individually given by colleges and universities and are always in a few numbers.

Now question arises, how and where to get these scholarships from? Below are some of the country-wise scholarships awarding bodies where you can search one scholarship of your chosen study abroad destination: