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Is It Possible to Do a PhD without a Master’s Degree? Here’s What to Know!

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For many years in the United Kingdom, the PhD came after the Bachelor’s degree. There was no compelling reason to obtain a Master’s degree before embarking on this massive work of empirical investigation. While certain undergraduate degrees still lead to a Master’s degree and many people pursue Master degrees, it is feasible to pursue a PhD without a Masters degree.


To begin, your creative thoughts are original, allowing for innovative, fresh approaches, as well as expressed interest and enthusiasm for a field of study.

Second, a Master’s degree can be fairly costly, and while there are bursaries and programmes available, they frequently involve significant personal financial sacrifices.

Third, getting a PhD without a Master’s degree allows you to devote less time to your studies, allowing you to pursue a career path that drives and excites you.


The Master’s degree exists to demonstrate that the student is capable of studying at a higher level, and it allows you to exercise the necessary research abilities. This also decides whether or not you should commit to a significant research project. Furthermore, in several British universities, the Master’s dissertation is part of the PhD, so you could gain one to two extra years to make your original contribution to the subject of study.


As with any PhD application, it is critical to confirm your eligibility with the universities to which you have chosen to apply. Different institutions have different rules, and in some situations, a Master’s degree may be required. Also, offer actual examples of your work at the equivalent of Master’s degree level in your application to demonstrate why you would make a suitable doctorate student. Furthermore, demonstrate your motivation and commitment to contribute to a body of knowledge by innovative, empirical research that necessitates stamina, hard work, perseverance, and collaboration.

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