Kayla Bradshaw Named as Recipient of Intel Semiconductor Scholarship for Women

Kayla Bradshaw of Southern State Community College, a Clinton County native, has been named a recipient of the Intel Semiconductor Scholarship for Women.

According to a news release, the Intel Corporation scholarship is intended to aid women who plan to enroll in a two-year associate degree program in the state of Ohio for a STEM degree relevant to the semiconductor manufacturing business. This scholarship awards $5,000 to up to 25 female recipients, renewable for up to one year or until a degree is obtained, whichever comes first.

Academic record, show of leadership and participation in school and community organizations, work experience, special personal or family circumstances, and a statement of educational and professional goals and objectives associated with the semiconductor industry are used to select recipients.

Bradshaw is a full-time student at Southern State, where she is involved in the college’s Ohio Code Scholar initiative, where she helps teach K-12 kids how to build and code their own robots.

“My decision to apply for the Intel Semiconductor Scholarship was influenced by my professor, Dr. Joshua Montgomery. He shared information about this opportunity with me at the beginning of fall semester and encouraged me to apply,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw is a computer science major with a concentration on cybersecurity and networking. She attended Southern State in 2016 on a different program pathway and plans to return in 2023.

“I enjoyed the excellent professors and the small class atmosphere that Southern State provides. My decision to return as a student was not only influenced by my positive past experiences but also by witnessing my husband’s current positive experiences here at Southern State,” she added.

Bradshaw’s husband is also a student at Southern State.

“Additionally, seeing the opportunities that Dr. Montgomery and Southern State provide through the computer science program heavily influenced my decision to become a returning student,” said Bradshaw.

Dr. Joshua Montgomery also offered his congratulations to Bradshaw.

“I am very proud of Kayla, to be awarded that Intel scholarship is a big deal! I am excited to see what she accomplishes in her future endeavors,” Montgomery replied.

“As of now, my plans remain undecided. I am in the process of exploring a wide variety of opportunities as I continue my academic career. I look forward to discovering new paths and opportunities that lie ahead,” added Bradshaw.

Dr. Joshua Montgomery, associate professor of computer science at Southern State, provides an associate of applied science degree in computer technology. Students can choose from four alternative pathway options, including networking, programming, cybersecurity, and robotics.

According to the announcement, a degree in computer technology from Southern State will allow students to obtain in-demand skills in a flexible, inexpensive, and engaging setting. Southern State assists students in connecting with local businesses for internships and job opportunities.

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Spring semester begins Jan. 8. Registration is underway.

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