NC Assistant Professor Jenn Ayscue Named 2023-24 University Faculty Scholar

Jenn Ayscue, an assistant professor at NC State’s College of Education, has been awarded a 2023-24 University Faculty Scholar.

The University Faculty Scholars program honors early and mid-career faculty who have excelled academically and contributed to NC State via teaching, scholarship, and service.

“I am extremely thrilled to be appointed a University Faculty Scholar. Ayscue expressed gratitude for the university’s recognition of her efforts, stating that NC State has many outstanding scholars. “I believe it is critical for me to contribute to my field, the university’s mission, and society as a whole.” Receiving recognition that indicates that my effort is progressing toward those aims is incredibly encouraging.”

Ayscue’s research focuses on integration in K-12 schools and federal education policy, with a particular emphasis on trends, laws, and practices that either support or impede desegregation and integration efforts.

Ayscue is pleased of her career because it has had an impact not only academically but also on public policy. Her collaborative research has been cited by all three levels of the federal government, most recently by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

To honor the forthcoming 70th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, which determined that segregated education was “inherently unequal” and caused lasting harm to segregated kids, Ayscue is producing a book that reimagines what integration is and can be in the future. In addition, to commemorate the anniversary, she is collaborating with PhD students on a paper that examines trends in school desegregation in North Carolina.

She is currently conducting a study on the effectiveness of dual language immersion programs in desegregating students from diverse backgrounds in North Carolina. Additionally, she is researching parents’ perceptions of magnet programs and their belief in their ability to promote integration.

“Consistent with my past research, my present research investigates a variety of strategies for enabling racial, socioeconomic, and linguistic desegregation and integration in schools. “My goal is to conduct research that will help to create a more just and equitable education system through integrated schools,” she stated.

Ayscue is proud of her effect in teaching, collaborating, and assisting students in the College of Education, alongside her research. Ayscue stated that these characteristics were critical to her academic performance.

“I am quite happy for this distinction [as a University Faculty Scholar], and I understand that I did not reach this place in my career on my own. Many people have encouraged, supported, and offered me opportunities to study and grow. “I am extremely grateful to each and every one of them,” she stated. “I hope that as I continue in my career, I may be able to provide similar support and encouragement to others.”

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