Over 3,400 Privately Funded Scholarships Reduce Financial Pressures for Hokies

Virginia Tech's scholarships go to all kinds of students, including the four seen here: (from left) Joane Mukeni, Caley Hunt, Benjamin Andrew, and Morgan Hendrickson. Photo illustration by Christina Franusich for Virginia Tech.

A 2020 survey found that 3 out of 4 college students experience financial stress. A third said they have contemplated leaving due to financial concerns.

Benjamin Andrew, a mechanical engineering junior, was concerned about his financial situation until applying for scholarships through Virginia Tech’s General Scholarship Application resulted in enough funds to pay a year of tuition. “My life as a student is way less stressful now, so I can focus more on my classes,” Andrew said. “I’m super thankful for scholarships.”

To be evaluated for over 3,400 privately funded scholarships at Virginia Tech, Hokies must complete Scholarship Central’s General Scholarship Application by Jan. 22 for maximum consideration. The application takes only five minutes.

Being a strong candidate for a scholarship isn’t always about GPA. Scholarships are provided to students from specific towns or high schools, students interested in leadership and community service, students with special abilities or experiences, and students planning to pursue specific career routes.

“Our donors love to support students who dream of doing great things in the future,” said Rachel Smucker, director of scholarships. “There are all kinds of scholarship opportunities, and if you don’t apply, we can’t award them to you.”



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