Salt Lake Community College Launches Tribal Scholarship Program

Tuition at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) will be waived for members of Utah’s federally recognized tribes.

The Native American Community Scholars & Fellowship program, which will begin in January of next year, will cover tuition for students enrolled in up to 18 credit hours.

“This is important for our students here at SLCC, where most work and go to school part time, and often are helping take care of families,” said Josh Montavon, SLCC director of financial aid and scholarships. “For example, this allows individuals who are mid-career and want to acquire more skills or a certification to take classes, and it allows a student to take prerequisite classes that can transfer to a four-year school.”

Native American students must show proof of enrollment in any of the 574 federally recognized tribes or a “Certificate Degree of Indian Blood” tying them to a parent and/or grandparent in a federally recognized tribe within or near to Utah as one of the eligibility requirements. Students do not need to be degree-seeking or have a certain number of credit hours to be eligible.

“I am excited to help elevate our Native American and indigenous communities and demonstrate their significance on campus and in society,” said Stephanie Charles, leader of SLCC’s Native American Coalition. “Increasing access to education is one step towards creating a sense of belonging, empowering sovereign rights, and building leaders, who can then give back and strengthen their Native communities.”


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