Study in Norway: What to Know About Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Norway is a country with breathtaking scenery, heart-pounding outdoor activities, and charming cities. But have you ever considered going there to study? You may earn a degree from some of Europe’s top colleges while studying in Norway, where you can take advantage of the country’s stunning natural surroundings.

But when discussing studying abroad, one question is on every student’s mind: how much does it cost?

This article will examine the potential costs associated with studying in Norway. Here are the costs associated with studying in Norway, including tuition fees and detailed estimates of your cost of living.

Tuition Fees

Norway has long been one of the most popular study abroad locations in Europe due to its nonexistent tuition costs. The majority of higher education institutions in the nation don’t even charge tuition; instead, all that’s asked of students is a semesterly course fee of between 350 and 700 Norwegian Kroner (NOK; around $30 to $60).

But starting in September 2023, many foreign students who wish to study in Norway will have to pay tuition.

Some pupils continue to be exempt from the new regulations. If you are a citizen of one of the following countries:

  • Norway (or if you have a permanent residency permit)
  • The EU
  • The EEA (including Liechtenstein and Iceland)
  • Switzerland

However, this implies that starting later this year, all students from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia will be required to pay tuition fees.

The Norwegian government has advised against charging more than 130,000 NOK (€11,000) annually, however certain courses might think about charging more.

As a result, fees could range from 80,000 NOK (about €7,000) to 150,000 NOK (around €13,000) year. Annual tuition costs for even more specialized degrees may exceed 490,000 NOK (€42,500).

But keep in mind that many of Norway’s top public universities and higher education institutions still offer (nearly) free tuition to citizens of the nations on the above list.

The Cost of Living in Norway

How much does it actually cost to live in Norway now that we are aware of the tuition rates?

Sadly, Norway is rather pricey. Only Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, and Singapore are more costly than it, which is ranked fifth on the list of the world’s most expensive nations. This means that compared to other European countries, your money will buy far less in Norway.


Let’s start with rent, one of the most important expenses you’ll have as a student. Naturally, your rent will be greater than it would be in a smaller city if you reside in one of the larger cities like Oslo or Bergen. Despite this, many people believe that Norway’s rent is substantially more than that of other places of a similar standard.

You might rent an apartment as an international student, but budget between 3,500 NOK (€300) and 11,000 NOK (€950) each month.


Additionally, a sizable chunk of your monthly expenses will go toward groceries. In general, if you don’t eat out frequently and make most of your meals at home, your monthly food expenses should fall between 3,000 NOK (€250) and 4,000 NOK (€350).

Here are a few instances of regular grocery purchases:

  • Loaf of bread: 25-50 NOK (€2.20-€4.30)
  • Sandwiches: 60-100 NOK (€5.20-€8.60)
  • Grapes: 30 NOK (€2.60)

If you do want to eat out, what you pay will all depend on where you’re studying and the restaurant you go to. However, a meal will generally cost between 150-300 NOK (€13-€25).


Don’t forget to have fun while you’re studying in Norway! It’s crucial to unwind if you want to reset your brain and make the most of your time abroad.

Typically, admission to a museum costs between 100 and 200 NOK (€8.60 and €17.30), whereas admission to a movie theater costs between 130 and 150 NOK (€11.20 and €13).

How much does it cost to study in Norway?

As we’ve seen, the overall cost of studying in Norway might vary depending on the program you select and your lifestyle; for example, eating out and traveling will be more expensive.

However, if you’re a non-EU student, you need also consider additional financial requirements in addition to tuition costs and the cost of living in Norway.

The Norwegian government predicts that it will cost overseas students studying in Norway about 128,887 NOK (€11,168) each year. You must demonstrate that you have access to these funds in order to be granted a student visa; otherwise, you might not.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the visa, which will be 5,900 NOK (€510) and be paid at the time your application is submitted. There is no charge for a study visa if you are younger than 18 years old.

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