Trine Student Receives Prestigious Metalcasting Scholarship

Dakota Carter, a Trine University sophomore studying mechanical engineering, recently received the Stino-AFS Future Leadership in Metalcasting Scholarship.

The American Foundry Society (AFS) is the sponsor of the Stino-AFS Future Leadership of Metalcasting Scholarship. The award is accessible to any North American university student interested in a career in leadership in the metal casting business.

Dakota received the award from Michael Halsband, CEO of Sinto America and AFS board member, at the 2023 Future Leaders of Metalcasting Annual Meeting, held Oct. 23-25 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Dakota learned about the opportunity after Darryl Webber, Ph.D., chair of Trine’s Wade Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, encouraged her to sign up for AFS.

He described the application process: “I had to write a 250–500-word career objective statement that considered many things, such as my interests/strengths in cast metals, examples of my leadership skills, the importance of the scholarship to me, and my work experience.”

“I then had to obtain a recommendation letter from a professor that spoke to my leadership abilities, integrity and metalcasting activities,” he said, highlighting the diligence required to be considered for such a prestigious scholarship.

“My advice to future applicants to this or another scholarship would be that they should start writing the essay way before the deadline, and they should write more than the length requirement at first.”

Dakota said the $4,000 scholarship will help him focus on his academics and goals.

“I tend to worry about my finances, and this definitely will help provide some relief,” he said.

The American Foundry Society is a commercial, professional, and technical organization. The association, which has branches all over the world, exists “to advance the success of its members and the metalcasting industry through advocacy, education, and innovation.”

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