U.S.: Carroll College Grants $199K for Scholarships

Carroll College recently awarded $199,000 in scholarships to 17 students, including the Elsie P. Corette Memorial Scholarship and the Roy F. Simperman Math, Science, and Nursing Scholarships. This year marks 52 years since the Elsie P. Corette Memorial Scholarship was established.

The scholarship was established at Carroll College through the generosity of Mr. John E. Corette of Butte, Montana, and his children, in remembrance of his wife and mother.

Five Montana students who want to attend medical school after graduation were awarded the 2024-2025 Elsie P. Corette Memorial Scholarship created at Carroll College. The Corette award is offered to Carroll pre-med majors from Montana thanks to the generosity of 1962 Carroll alumni Roy Simperman of Mercer Island, Washington, who has funded the award since 1994, following the death of his former father-in-law, Mr. John Corette.

Simperman is the Chairman and CEO of Semaphore Corporation in Seattle. Awards are based on financial need and the likelihood of achievement in medical school. Since 1973, roughly 213 Corette Scholarships have been awarded, totaling nearly $1,451,000, with the vast majority of winners going on to become physicians.

2024-2025 Corette Scholarship recipients are:

  • Katharina Fihre, junior, biology major, Helena
  • Daxon Graham, senior, biology major, Dillon
  • Gina Leveque-Zapata, senior, biology major, Helena
  • Heather Magera, junior, biology major, Helena
  • Gabrielle Sheridan, senior, health science major, Helena

Carroll College also named six nursing students to the 2024-2025 Roy F. Simperman Nursing Scholarship, which was established by Mr. Roy Simperman himself. In addition, six math and science majors have received the Simperman Math and Science Scholarship.

The Roy F. Simperman Math, Science, and Nursing Scholarships provide immediate financial aid to Montana students studying in math, nursing, or science who have a minimum 3.5 grade point average. The scholarships are granted to make Carroll College’s tuition comparable to Montana’s public institutions and universities. The Simperman Math, Science, and Nursing Scholarships at Carroll have awarded $1,374,500 to 119 students over the past fifteen years.

2024-2025 Simperman Math, Science and Nursing Scholarship recipients are:

  • Brynn Bohrer, junior, biology major, Billings
  • Andrew Bralick, incoming first-year, civil engineering major, Great Falls
  • Alexis Cook, junior, nursing major, Great Falls
  • Delaney Hasquet, senior, nursing major, Butte
  • Luci Horne, incoming first-year, math major, Townsend
  • Samantha Labrum, junior, nursing major, Kalispell
  • Abraham Montalvo, senior, math major, Terry
  • Nicole Nau, incoming first-year, biology major, Sunburst
  • Elaina Patten, senior, nursing major, Helena
  • Allison Streekstra, junior, nursing major, Florence
  • Kenna Thomas, senior, biology major, Belgrade
  • Zoey Wickens, junior, nursing major, Townsend

Over the years, the Simperman Math, Science and Nursing Scholarships and the Corette Scholarships have provided over $2,825,500 in aid to deserving students. This year’s average award was over $11,706.

“We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the Corette and Simperman families, whose support has profoundly impacted the lives of more than 329 students over the years,” said Dr. John Cech, President of Carroll College. “Their commitment to education through these scholarships not only provides financial assistance but also inspires our students to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination. This philanthropy does more than just fund education; it transforms lives and strengthens the fabric of our communities. On behalf of the entire Carroll College family, I extend our heartfelt thanks to the Corette family and Roy and Frances Simperman for their enduring impact and the bright futures they have helped to foster.”

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