What You Need to Know About SAT Syllabus

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, shortened as SAT, was once known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. The SAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board that is required of students seeking admission to undergraduate schools. The SAT exam was created to assess an applicant’s verbal, writing, and mathematical abilities. Candidates who wish to pursue college studies, particularly in Canada and the United States, must take the SAT Exam. The College Board owns and administers the SAT, as well as specifies the SAT syllabus.

SAT syllabus

Students typically begin studying for the SAT exam in 11th grade and sit for the exam in 12th grade. The SAT syllabus contains the course that the applicant has already studied in their school over the years, so if you were good at studies in school, you should have no trouble preparing for the SAT Syllabus.

Types of SAT syllabus

There are 2 types of SAT Exams as mentioned below: SAT General Test and SAT Subject Test.

SAT General Test

The SAT General Test is the more prevalent of the two SAT tests, and it is utilized by most undergraduate universities to enroll students. The Scholastic Assessment Test assesses a student’s writing, verbal, and mathematical abilities.

SAT Subject Test

SAT Subject Tests are more subject-specific, allowing students to take the exam for a single subject in which they are confident. SAT academic assessments include 20 different types of assessments divided into 5 academic categories. These subjects are further subdivided into subtopics. Among the numerous SAT Subjects are:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Science
  4. History and
  5. Languages

Sections in SAT Syllabus

SAT Syllabus contains courses that students have already covered in their school days over the years. There are 2 sections in the SAT exam, namely :

1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing(EBRW)

It comprises of 2 tests,  one concentrates on Reading skill and other one concentrates on Writing skills.

2. Math.

The Math section contains a single test with two components – one is the No-calculator portion and the other one is a calculator-allowed portion.

3. The SAT exam also contains an optional Essay. Some schools may demand the Essay, so make sure to ask before you take the SAT.

Details about the sections are given below:

SAT Syllabus for the Reading section

  • SAT syllabus contains three critical reading sections
  • Reading comprehension – 25 mins
  • Sentence completions – 25 mins
  • Paragraph-length critical reading – 20 mins

SAT Syllabus for the Writing section

  • SAT syllabus writing has three sections
  • Essay section – 25 mins
  • Multiple choice sections – 25 mins and 10 mins

SAT Syllabus for the  Math section

  • SAT syllabus contains three Math sections
  • Algebra and functions – 25 mins
  • Geometry Statistics – 20 mins
  • Probability and Data analysis – 20 mins

You can get more clarity about SAT syllabus from the following table:

SAT SubjectSAT SyllabusUnits 
 Reading This section includes questions on Sentence Completion, Tests understanding of passages from the US and World Literature, History/Social Studies and Sciences etc 1. Reading comprehension

2. Sentence completions

3. Paragraph length Critical  Reading

Writing and Language This section includes questions on, expression of ideas and standard English conventions through passages relating to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Sciences. 1. Essay section

2. Multiple choice sections

Math This section includes questions on problem-solving, data analysis, algebra, and advanced math. 1. Algebra and functions

2. Geometry Statistics

3. Probability and Data  analysis

Essay (optional)

One optional essay

 This section requires students to evaluate an argument through the analysis of evidence.

All You Need to Know About SAT Exam

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